Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Salazar Games Website (Remastering)

Spent last night and this morning pouring through hundreds of fonts (mostly re-renderings of 8-bit arcade, a motion I find semi-amusing, since the fad in those days was to try and make the 8-bit look as good as possible, not the other way around- but retro pixelplay has found a great following among "classic gamers", and I certainly see the appeal of a handcrafted pixelart masterpiece- a digital cycling of the impressionists), and decided on a playful script typeface named "Luna" to open my redone version of my old game design company's site. Huge shoutout to underscore.js and bootstrap for easing my UI woes.

Old Homepage:

Remastered Homepage (with Luna font and gallery slideshow):

Games list (below slideshow):

And footer!

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