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Color Wheel Visualization

Colors are core in good design. Studies of visual recall and the impact of branding, fashion, and flags show consistently that the first thing we notice in something, and the last thing we remember. In design literature, there is a great deal of research/intuition in the emotions of colors- that blue is calming and builds trust (and is therefore used in every social media site today); red evokes power and passion (increasing metabolism and appetite, lending to its ubiquitous use in fast food chains); yellow quickly attracts attention and can be playful (light/pale yellow) or a warning (bold yellow)- the list goes on. In an effort to explore this association, I'm building a color selection system to ask internet users how they feel on a given day, as a color. You can check out the current version here.

To progress, you can click on a color to see similar colors in the wheel. Once you're happy with your color selection, hover over it to get the rgb color, then send it to me or post it here! (I'll add a better feedback system soon).

Here are some prototype screenshots:


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Salazar Games Website (Remastering)

Spent last night and this morning pouring through hundreds of fonts (mostly re-renderings of 8-bit arcade, a motion I find amusing, since the 8-bit arcade tried to look as good as possible, and here we are reversing their efforts) (retro pixelplay has found a following among "classic gamers", and I see the appeal of handcrafted pixelart- a digital cycling of the impressionists), and decided on a playful script typeface named "Luna" to open my redone version of my old game design company's site. Huge shoutout to underscore.js and bootstrap for easing my UI woes.

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