Monday, July 18, 2016

Color Wheel Visualization

I think it's pretty much common knowledge that colors are core in good design- much of visual recall and impact of branding, fashion, and flags is based on the colors immediately presented. In fact, if you look within design literature you'll find there's a great deal of research/intuition about the emotions of colors- blue is calming and builds trust (and is therefore used in every social media site today); red evokes power and passion (increasing metabolism and appetite, which is why you will see it ubiquitously across fast food chains); yellow quickly attracts attention and can be playful (light/pale yellow) or a warning (bold yellow)- the list goes on. In an effort to explore this association, I'm building a color selection system to ask the internet how it feels today! You can check out the current version here.

To progress, you can click on a color to see similar colors in the wheel. Once you're happy with your color selection, hover over it to get the rgb color, then send it to me or post it here! (I'll add a better feedback system soon, but this is an mvp after all).

Here are some prototype screenshots!

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